January 2021 is a month for the world to welcome the New year together. Many countries will spend the New year around this month! In this month, we meditate on the past and meet the future. We live in this "global village ", this is our common home, let us use tolerance to abandon discrimination, with both hands to protect peace, with culture to find power! On the occasion of the arrival of the New year, through the excellent painting and calligraphy representative works, I wish the people of the world a happy New year!

3364865216535中国著名诗人、书法家 刘砚军



Liu Yanjun, Wen'an, China, pseudonym: Daqing River, graduated from Nanjing University. China Central Television Star Avenue expert judges, China Internet Alliance Art Director, China people's News Network consultant, China couplet Society calligraphy Art Vice Chairman. China's most valuable artist, Chinese contemporary poetry and books, Chinese contemporary news talent, Chinese outstanding contribution, Chinese art Shuangxin artist, national senior calligrapher.



A man of good character can shoulder heavy responsibilities


Li served as Deputy Secretary-General and Chief of staff of the China Petroleum and Literary Federation, Director of the Office of the Industrial and Cultural Committee of the China Federation of Literary and Cultural Associations, expert member of the Chinese Cultural Heritage Committee of the China International reportage Research Association, visiting professor of the calligraphy and painting Art Committee of the China National Architecture Research Association, expert member of the National Policy think tank of the China Industrial Cooperation Association, member of the Chinese Poetry Society, consultant of the ancient Phoenix Poetry Society, deputy editor-in-chief of the Chinese Poetry News, member of the Hong Kong Poets Union of China. China Contemporary calligrapher Union executive director, China International calligraphy and painting Art Research Association Silk Road painting Institute director, world cultural famous calligraphy and painting institute vice president.



concentrating on the drawing


Professional cultural work for more than 20 years, writing millions of words of poetry, reportage and so on, works scattered in the "Workers' Daily "," China Reform News "," China Culture News "," Guangming net" and other major media at all levels, and have won the first prize, gold, first prize, Confucius Literature Award, Yellow River Literature Award, Century Poetry Knight Medal and other awards.





In the field of calligraphy, many times participated in national exhibitions, provincial and ministerial professional professional competitions, successively won gold, silver, bronze and excellent works awards, literature and art pioneer award, international Chinese calligraphy and painting dissemination award and other book awards, works into the exhibition of the highest hall of Chinese art art gallery and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. In 2018 by the country's top experts as "China's most valuable artist collection ".



Tang Zuyong, Traveling in Jiangnan


Pen and ink incense motto: can not open the bottom of the world, why do you want to drink wine; swallow the dream in the chest, can sing poetry to the fairy.



Life in the Heart


of Professional Institutions


Chinese calligraphy pays attention to the beauty of momentum, the beauty of meaning, the beauty of rhythm, and the beauty of. Liu Yanjun's calligraphy style is clear and vigorous, and there is a great spirit in the lines. The ancients said: the word is not a person, has always been a book and character flesh and blood, excellent calligraphy must have personality charm to support the spirit of the work. As Liu Gongquan, a famous scholar in the Tang Dynasty, said ," the heart is regular and the pen is correct." if a calligrapher has a good spirit in his heart, his font will be strong and strong, and the law will be strict.





Teacher Liu Yanjun, a famous calligrapher, began his journey of artistic accomplishment from an early age. Practice poetry and books with the high, outstanding, both fine, it can be said that the art of poetry and books at the moment, role models.



A man of good character can shoulder heavy responsibilities


Liu Yanjun practice calligraphy, explore the source of calligraphy, looking for the ancient calligraphy, with a very good ability to learn ancient. He extremely recognized the peak of calligraphy art in Qin Zhuan Han Li, in Tang Kai, in the second king, in Zhang Xu, in Huai Su. In order to get all the books are successful, his calligraphy practice, study true grass official script without a lack, the degree of law, into authentic, the main road authentic, great beauty considerable. Running books for elegant, cursive script show wanton, official script ancient rhyme, Han style to see.



as one wishes


The most valuable thing is that teacher Liu Yanjun's practice of Wei tablet is even more refined. From the beginning to the present, he has specialized in Wei tablet for decades and has become an expert in the field of books who knows the original quality of Wei tablet and the work of restoration. He made use of Wei tablet's straight block shape and axe chisel tenacity, constantly cultivated the stele temperament of calligraphy, let his calligraphy in the side of the essence of the post study, but also set up the stele bone style, calligraphy tough male, strong and soft, hard to understand the back of paper, pleasing to the eye. In particular, the knot in the body, strict rules, ten beauty are living. The achievement of the monument is exactly what Kang Youwei, the master of tablet learning, said: the monument scholar can get the true pulp of calligraphy, and the true calligrapher is also. Liu Yanjun according to the power of Wei tablet near the top, cast a new peak, become a good achievement and good words in calligraphy.



imperial order


Looking at Liu Yanjun's Wei Bei Mei book, just like drilling rock wall, like dragon trace, potential like thunderbolt, strong pen and ink control ability, from the deep understanding of the tablet and Zhuo Yi honed. Practice out of true merit, a large amount of money is bound to be a solid practical school. It is Linchi dyed Pinghu, bald pen into a mountain of practice pay, so that Liu Yanjun calligraphy has the ancient quality, and then continue the noble skills of ancient rhyme.



The river overflowed


Liu Yanjun teacher for poetry is also a big, big project, his poetry is also perfect, not ordinary people can compare. No practice does not achieve success, no wisdom can not be everyone. Liu Yanjun, who intends to practice poetry and calligraphy, not only writes old rhyme calligraphy according to stele, but also creates miracles with wisdom. His poetry teacher is ancient and not rigid in ancient times. The old rhyme contains new quality, makes good use of poetry and song era, and is also good at expressing feelings. Pen and ink new wind over the old work, a new atmosphere.



The greatest benevolence is like water.


Have power, wisdom, feelings, books with words, ink with lyric, calligraphy and ideological theme of the perfect unity, so that Liu Yanjun calligraphy poetry is not only a model of merit, but also the spirit of the banner of the coach!





Poetry appreciation:



叱咤五千载, 鼻祖始轩辕。

For 5,000 years,Ancestors start at Xuanyuan

诗书仪礼评章, 师孔道儒传。

Experienced the debate on poetic etiquette,Taoist Confucianism as a teacher

秦汉靖边勇士, 唐宋中原骄子, 極盛世贞观。

Warriors of the Qin and Han Dynasties,The Song Dynasty was proud,The rule of chastity is the most prosperous

更念润之帝, 开国定江山。

Miss the emperor,Creation of a State

喜今朝, 又元旦, 是何年?

Joy now,It's New Year again,What year is it?

强龙筑梦, 匡政一马为征鞍。

Great characters create dreams,Horse riding wins governance

攘外驱除鞑虏, 安内小康铸就, 肝胆裂长天。

Exorcising the enemy,Creating a happy society,God's witness

看巨龙雄起, 日月换人间。

Look at the rise of powerful nations,A prosperous society

《满江红 • 新年颂》


斗转星移, 刹那间、 新元又启。

The stars alternate, flash、A new year is coming

回首处、 子鼠行空, 涤埃万里。

look back、The mouse walked in the sky,Ten thousand miles of disaster

割骨断筋屠虎, 一带一路接天地。

Cut the bones and hit the tiger,Belt and Road Saving Society

踌躇志、 正大道沧桑, 泰山霁。

Storage Gas、And Justice for All,As tall as Mount Tai

复兴梦, 極浩气。 将进酒, 狂人诣。

The Dream of Renewal,Huge momentum。Have a drink,Crazy people denigrate

任红尘滚滚, 剑胆独立。

No matter how society develops,Still holding a sword

跃马横刀向广宇, 凌云壮志惊星际。

Riding on a horse and taking a knife to a vast area,His ambition is greater than the stars

耕耘牛、 撼五洲风雷, 凭砥砺!

Cattle cultivated in the field、Shock the earth,With the momentum in your heart



The river overflowed




Brilliant Chinese nation,Half are goose homes,A lot of people have ink


Books from time to time,The oracle bones of the Shang Dynasty


The Qin Dynasty created seal script and official script,The Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern dynasties had real handwriting


No need to crown a poem,The visible soul,Talk and laugh to help the country


The final destination,See the truth of the world,For hundreds


So much space,Looking at the stars in the sky


When you were at ease,Stand tall


Both Yan style calligraphy and European style calligraphy,Every gang has a hundred generations


The grass has two strokes,The font is arrogant,With a pen while drunk


Look back,Shocking mountains and places,Dreaming still arrogant



Chapter 17 of Lao Tzu's Moral Classic


Comments by famous writers:

刘砚军因为是一位才华横溢的诗人,所以他的书法具有相当独特的艺术魅力,既师于古也师于自然,更源于内心,成为天工 与人工的合成之妙。“诗书一品文人才”笔墨吟歌,先诗人而后再成为书法家,诗书一品皆成造诣,才是传统文人的文化修成。刘砚军先生“诗书合璧、文人回归”。

Liu Yanjun is a talented poet, so his calligraphy has a very unique artistic charm, both in ancient times and in nature, but also from the heart, become a natural and artificial synthesis. "Poetry and a literary talent" pen and ink singing, first poet and then become a calligrapher, poetry and a product are accomplished, is the traditional literati culture. Mr. Liu Yanjun "the combination of poetry and books, the return of literati ".


China's most valuable artist expert commentary



the Buddha


Mr. Liu Yanjun is a versatile artist, his poems and his calligraphy are shocking, so his calligraphy has quite a unique artistic charm. As a teacher in ancient times, his teacher in nature, but also from the heart, Chinese calligraphy pays attention to the beauty of momentum, the beauty of meaning, the beauty of rhythm, but also the beauty of bones and bones.



Two Poems in Liangzhou


The ancients said: the characters, Liu Yanjun's calligraphy style is clear, the pen is vigorous, the lines contain a sense of grandeur.



Excerpt from Lanting Preface

2800985208915英国著名水彩画家 黛博拉·沃克


黛博拉·沃克(Deborah Walker)英国女水彩画家,善于海,礁石,芦苇天空。她的每幅画都像是浪漫的回忆,带着浓浓怀旧回忆的气息,我仿佛可以从画中看到女画家丰富细腻柔美又冷静的性情,人感触。画家笔触细腻精致,细节的刻画,意境的烘托更突出了层次感,所以虽然画小景时也会让人觉得内容丰富,浮想不断。

Deborah Walker British watercolor painter, good at sea, reef, Reed sky. Each of her paintings is like a romantic memory, with a strong nostalgia, I can see from the painting rich delicate and calm temperament, but people feel. The painter's strokes are delicate and exquisite, the depiction of details and the contrast of artistic conception highlight the sense of hierarchy, so although the painting of small scenes will also make people feel rich in content and constantly floating.


目前居住在巴顿,在布莱思河畔的斯塔福德郡农村中心,有自己的工作室画廊。1985年,她获得了蒙特福特大学美术学院的一等荣誉学位,2011年4月,被选为皇家水彩画家协会(RI)的成员,2015英国皇家水彩画会第203届年展最高奖“透纳奖”和Escoda 巴塞罗那奖和明细水彩 Anthony J.莱斯特艺术评论家奖,一共十五个奖,她一人拿了三个奖。2016年10月,她当选为皇家海洋艺术家协会准会员(ARSMA),至今在国际上有着很大的影响力。

Currently living in Barton, In the rural center of Staffordshire on the Bryce, has its own studio gallery. 1985, She's got a first - class honours degree from the Academy of Fine Arts at Montfort University, April 2011, Elected member of the Royal Watercolor Painters Association (RI), The Royal Watercolor Society of England 2015 203rd Annual Exhibition Top Award "Turner Award" and Escoda Barcelona Award and detailed Watercolor Anthony J. Leicester Art critic Award, Fifteen awards, She won three prizes each. October 2016, Elected associate member of the Royal Society of Ocean Artists (ARSMA), So far in the international has a great influence.


Deborah Walker's work is landscape-based, focusing on painting water, mainly engaged in watercolor work, for better creation, she went to the coast as far as possible, sat on the cliff, breathed fresh air, and experienced the vast open space.


她一直把绘画视为所有艺术形式发展的开创性过程。作为标记的绘制是人类的内在组成部分; 每个人都这样做,但发展一种可以表达情感和情感反应的绘画和绘画语言是我的目标之一。

She has always regarded painting as a pioneering process in the development of all forms of art. Drawing as a mark is an intrinsic part of human beings; everyone does so, but developing a painting and painting language that can express emotional and emotional reactions is one of my goals.


In her words ," My painting focuses on the landscape, both in a wide range and in detail, expressing the dramatic and subtle way in which light transforms the subject. The recurring theme in my work is the description of water as it provides consistent challenges. In the sea view, I try to depict the feeling of the power exposed to the elements. Moving water and moving things in water provide a more complex variety of visual responses ."


Exhibition of representative works: